“The crowd was awesome…about 400!
We had new auction bidders from all over middle TN. There is no doubt the middle Tennessee ad you placed for us made a huge difference in our auction marketing campaign. We actually ran OUT of bidder registration cards for the first time in history! Thank you for all you do us.”

-David R. Hudgins, CAI, AARE
Hudgins Auctions & Realty

“The Auction went great Everything sold at a good price”
-Don O. King
Don O. King Auction & Realty Co.

“We have had a great response from the advertising for the Dietary Manager Program.”
-Patricia Roark, RN BSN
Dietary Manager Program Director
Tennessee College of Applied Technology

“AWESOME! One of the biggest crowds we’ve had. I would say around 4500 people! Thanks for your help in the advertising campaign to make this a successful auction.”
-Leslie Bowlin, Marketing Representative
Pro Team Auction Company

“The sale was great and set an all time record high average. Big crowd. Thanks for all the help. You make [newspaper advertising] easy.”
-Kevin M. Laurent, Extension Associate/Livestock

“I love the Press Association’s, prior to finding this service I was posting in individual papers which did not allow me to cast my net as far as I wished and it was expensive. So far so good with the return on investment, thank you for your excellent customer service!”
-Dionne Smith, Vendor Management/Advertising Administrator
SEAS Asset Services

“We had excellent participation in these auctions, and are pleased with the advertising we did.”
-Jennie Wolff, Project Manager
McLemore Auction Company, LLC

“This past year was the BEST EVER for Susan G. Komen license plate sales since the program stared in July 2008. The quarterly ads are keeping it alive. It works!”
-Jane R. Brannon, Executive Director
Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Knoxville Affiliate

“Thanks you for your assistance…Placing newspaper advertising in over 60+ newspapers can be a laborious process, however with your assistance the project ran effortlessly.”
-Janine E. Hopkins
Gish Sherwood & Friends Media Planner/Buyer

“This letter is to let you know how much I enjoyed working with TPS. The personnel there have been friendly, knowledgeable and very helpful each time I have used TPS.”
-Marti Molpus
McNeely, Pigott & Fox Public Relations

“We simply would not have been able to get the job done and meet our deadline without their assistance and expertise.”
-Steven R. Brumfield
President, The Brumfield Group