Ashland City, Tennessee

Ashland City Times in Ashland City, Tennessee
The Ashland City Times has been serving the community for over 120 years and is Ashland City’s oldest business. The Ashland City Times publishes the Cheatham County Shopper and several special sections throughout the year. It was founded by W. G. Owen in January 1890. Today the Ashland City Times is part of Gannett Newspapers Inc.

Ashland City is one of four incorporated municipalities in Cheatham County. Cheatham County was formed in 1856 when the Tennessee General Assembly selected 50 acres west of Nashville and north of the Cumberland River. It was named after Edward Saunders Cheatham, Speaker of the State Senate. At present, 39,103 residents call Cheatham County home.

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Ardmore, Tennessee

Your Community Shopper in Ardmore, Tennessee
Ardmore is located in two states and four counties, Giles and Lincoln counties in Tennessee and Limestone and Madison in Alabama. YOUR COMMUNITY SHOPPER was established by Helen T. Stagner in April of 1964 to serve the needs of the people in the Ardmore city-town area. It was named “YOUR COMMUNITY” Shopper to remind each community that the newspaper was established for all communities of the area to have a place for their local news. YOUR COMMUNITY SHOPPER is still family owned and run. It is published every Wednesday.

Alamo, Tennessee

The Crockett Times in Alamo, Tennessee
The Crockett Times is the oldest existing business in Crockett County. It was established as The Crockett Times in 1933, The Tri-County News in 1912, and The Crockett County Sentinel in 1873. It is still family owned and run. Hope Riley is the new Contributing Editor at The Crockett Times.