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Low Cost Advertising Beyond Tennessee

Through Tennessee Press Service, you can streamline your advertising making ad placement in multiple states as easy as one email.

Let us take care of your ad placement, so you can spend time doing what you do best – GROWING YOUR BUSINESS!

Rates, deadlines, ad acceptance policies, specs, and number of publications vary from state to state. TPS has collected all this information so you don’t have to.

Ad placement in multiple states is as easy as 1-2-3…
  1. Send your ad to TPS: email, or fax to 865.584.4486. Need help creating your ad? No, worries – we can help.
  2. Let us know which state(s) and when you would like your ad to appear in print or online. We’ll provide a quote.
  3. Once the quote is approved and the ad is to your liking, we’ll send an invoice through PayPal. The ads must be prepaid.

TPS does all the legwork. We will take care of sending the ads, orders, and payment to each state on your behalf.

You can also place your order through our easy online order system.

Rate Sheets:

(Rates, circulation, number of publications, deadlines, and discounts can change without notice. Please verify this information with TPS before finalizing your ad placement. These rate sheets are provided for estimate purposes.)

Small Display Networks
Classified Line Ad Networks
Quarter Page Ad Networks
Daily Classified Ad Networks*
Online Ad Networks

*The Daily Classified Network is not available in Tennessee. The Daily Classified Networks consist of major daily newspapers that publish the ads more than once during the week.

For the most current information, please contact Beth Elliott by email or by phone at (865) 584-5761, ext. 117.