Tennessee’s Online Advertising Network


Imagine your banner ad on multiple Tennessee newspaper websites and contacting just one person to do this. Unbelievable, right?

Through TnNET, not only will you have one point of contact for 25+ websites, but you will know exactly what websites and when your ad will appear. You can’t get this guarantee with Google.

TnNET is a group of Tennessee newspaper websites that place medium-rectangle size ads Run-of-Site for one low rate.

Monthly campaigns on TnNET average 250,000+ impressions – that’s a lot of potential customers for you!

No hassle rates.

With TnNET, there’s no calculating CPM’s or any of those headaches. Just one rate that’s prepaid.

  • $750 per month (2 month minimum buy)

With these rates, space is limited. We can run no more than 3 ads at a time. When there is more than one ad campaign, the ads rotate.

Deadline: 7 days prior to start date or 10 days prior if we create your ad.

Ad sizes: 300×250 pixels, 180×300 pixels, and 160×320 pixels. The newspapers have selected the size that fits their website, so all three sizes are needed.

TPS can create your ad for no additional charge.

Click here for the list of TnNET participating websites.

Through TPS, you also have access to other states. Check out the Nationwide Discounted Network page.

For more information, please contact Beth Elliott by email or by phone at (865) 584-5761, ext. 117.

A couple of details to keep in mind:

  • TPS or any participating newspaper reserves the right to reject any ad based upon ad acceptance policy.
  • TPS reserves the right to amend its rates, average number of impressions, and number of publications at any time.