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    Bauer Media Study Reveals Surprises for Print
    Readers say they’re more engaged with print and prefer print ads.

    By Caysey Welton

    Whether in magazines or newspapers, readers love print ads.
    Newspapers Record Strong Readership, Print Or Digital

    A Nielsen Scarborough study measured U.S. newspaper readership and found that more than 169 million adults read a newspaper in print, on a Web site or on a mobile app in a month in 2016.

    In total, newspapers reach 69% of the U.S. population each month.

    Continue reading Newspapers Strong Readership.

    Marketers continue to ‘waste money’ as only 9% of digital ads are viewed for more than a second

    New research suggests marketers must start thinking about digital display ads ‘like posters’ if they want to create the same engagement as TV, print or out-of-home advertising.

    By Thomas Hobbs on 26 Jul 2016

    Continue Reading Marketers.

    News Corp Chief: We’ll Publish Newspapers for ‘Decades and Decades’

    The head of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. on Monday said the group will be publishing newspapers for “decades” and hit out at the “morbid mindset” of those who say print is dead. Continue reading News Corp Chief.

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